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Community Manager Club

Find your star!
Community, community, community. 

Few are the spaces that can sustain a healthy community without the work and dedication of a community manager. Finding the right person at the right time can be very tricky and interviewing dozens of people, overwhelming. 
We experience it every year with our own spaces and we know our members do to. That is how this CM Club idea was born. 

How does it work? 
We have started a pool of Community Managers that have worked at a Coliving Hub members space and have been recommended by the owner.
Only vetted applicants can join the Club.

All Coliving Hub members have access to the pool of CM and can reach out to them directly. 
For each new position posted by a Member space we will reach out to the potential Community Managers that fit the description. 

Keep in mind

At the moment only a handful of people are on the database. We are committed to delivering a service that truly facilitates operators' lives by finding help and also rewarding great Community managers. This take time and comittment on our side to check all recommendations and keep the database updated. 

Coliving Hub is simply facilitating connections and is not responsible for any further agreement made between both parties. 

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Post a position

Simply fill in the form. 
You can create as many positions as you need.
Once the position is filled simply shot us an email and we will close it for you. ( 

Check out the database

We are working hard to keep the database updated. 
Do not hesitate to reach out directly to us if you see someone whose profile matches your position. 
Feel free to also recommend your current Community Manager to us (see below).

Do not 

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Recommend a Community Manager

Currently working with someone great? 
If they are looking for more Community Manager roles in the future it might be good for them to get on our database!  Simply share that link with them and tell them to put your name in the "recommendation" box.

Do not 

Resources for Coliving Owners
Template contract
Template list of tasks
Template list of perks
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