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Join the Coliving Hub network

Coliving is a movement. For anyone who has experienced it, you know that the interactions are real, the community is real and the people behind it are passionate.

Our ambition is to become a safe haven for You who eat, drink and breath coliving (often because you are actually living there).


We want to be a place where you can come when the challenges your space is facing are too much to handle alone as much as your go to spot to celebrate your wins!  

As a non-profit organization, your membership is reinvested in improving this space. We are constantly learning from our own experiences as coliving founders and your feedback and adapting to your needs. That is how we have designed our membership. 

Check it out! 

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"Together with influence, fulfillment of needs and shared emotional connections, membership is one of the four fundamental elements essential to the creation of a sense of community"

The Perks

Discounted Events

From now on, you are on the list!
From conferences, masterminds to local meetups, you get exclusive prices for all our future events.

Monthly Webinars

Your monthly coliving fix!
Every month we invite an expert speaker from the industry to give a presentation followed by an open Q&A.


You are the Star.
You're at the center of why we created Coliving Hub. therefore, we want you in the spotlight.
Blog interviews, shoutout on our social media, share your success and we'll celebrate you for the world to see! 

Facebook Group

There is always a facebook group
Have some burning questions you want answered? Need feedback and advice?
Get access to our community group and connect with Coliving peers.

Partner Promotions

A really good deal.
We want our members to get the best support on their coliving journey. We are partnering with service providers we believe in and provide our members with special offers and promotions.

Coliving Connections

This one is about YOU.
Coliving Connections is a virtual monthly rituals designed to help Coliving operators and industry leaders to come together as a community and support each other with real situations and hands on solutions...and lots of laugher. 

Community Manager Club

Help us help you. 
We all need support running our spaces. Finding a great community manager is the key to a healthy thriving community and space but it is also a lot of work. Let's work together to create a pool of awesome CM we can all recommend to each other.

Coming soon

Operator's retreat

Let's colive together! 
We work all year to provide wonderful spaces where digital nomads can live, work and grow from. 
How about we give ourselves the same opportunity and get together to learn from each other every now and then? 

Coming soon
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Coliving Kits

The DIY Tool box. 
We are all going through similar processes and challenges building our spaces and making sure they thrive. We are encapsulating all the learning in very hands on kits on all essential topics from Logistics and operations to onboarding, marketing and community building. 

Coming soon
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Now is always better

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Get a glimpse

You've got issues with commitment? We've all been there.

That is why your first webinar is always FREE!
So you get to meet us and see what you are getting yourself into.

(Spoiler: it's pretty cool).
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  • 199€
    Every year
    VAT included
    • Personalised exposure through our Spotlight program
    • Discounted tickets to our events
    • Access to recordings of previous Conferences
    • Access to all recordings of previous webinars
    • Access to our Facebook Group
    • Offers from our partners
    • Dedicated newsletters
    • Monthly Webinars
    • Coliving Connections
    • Community Manager Club
    • Coliving Kits
    • Members Chat
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