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The Coliving Hub Story

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Did we ever tell you the story of how it all started?

Back in 2017, at a time when there were just a handful of coliving spaces in Europe...and maybe even in the world, a small group of operators from Switzerland, Spain and the US came together, realising they shared more than a passion for Community. They were going through similar challenges and talking to each other about it truly helped!
They went on a retreat together in Serbia, and that, my dears, is how Coliving Hub was born. By Operators, for operators*! 


*(and anyone interested in working within community living really).

The team today

People from different countries, skills set and backgrounds, brought together by:

  • a common determination to bring Community to the forfront of the future of living & working,

  • a passion for connections and helping each other out,

  •  a great sense of humour.* 

Originally from all over the world, currently all over the world. This is us.



* or so we like to think.


Hazique Memon 
Business Development 

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I am the founder of Coliving Hub and ESCAPE, a coliving brand with spaces in Switzerland & Greece. I love photography and have been a digital nomad for 8 years, exploring the world and capturing its beauty.

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Elana Shyong
Event Manager

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I am Taiwanese-American and have grown up all around the world and I have a background in theatre and education. I enjoy taking on projects that align with my passion to cultivate connections wherever I goes.

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Morgane Oléron
Communications Manager

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Iam passionate albeit slightly cynical writer who colives for a living! From coliver to Community Manager, I have experienced all aspects of  the“Co-”, working or living.  I create content for/ and supports coliving spaces around Europe. 


Andreea Rusu

Social Media Manager

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My passion for marketing and the coliving world brought me to the beautiful community of Coliving Hub. I love travelling and baking, and my superpower is facilitating - connecting people with ideas and opportunities.

Angie Puteri

Architect & Designer

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Hello my name is Angie, I am an architect and a potter in the making! ;) 
I am currently based in Bali running my design studio, I am big on everything co-creation and sustainable design.


Dominika Dragulska

Partnerships Manager

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With a lifelong interest in property, I pursued a degree in Property Management and an MBA. My passion is connecting people with ideas and services. I enjoy writing, organizing events, and personal finance. Follow your heart but take your brain.

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Elizabeth Baudler

Project Lead

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I have a hard time sitting still. My motto is never stop learning, doing, trying. I have discovered a career in workplace strategy, focusing on the circular economy and change management. I am excited to open my own coliving in St. Louis, MO.

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