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The Coliving Hub Story

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Did we ever tell you the story of how it all started?

Back in 2017, at a time when there were just a handful of coliving spaces in Europe...and maybe even in the world, a small group of operators from Switzerland, Spain and the US came together, realising they shared more than a passion for Community. They were going through similar challenges and talking to each other about it truly helped!
They went on a retreat together in Serbia, and that, my dears, is how Coliving Hub was born. By Operators, for operators*! 


*(and anyone interested in working within community living really).

The team today

People from different countries, skills set and backgrounds, brought together by:

  • a common determination to bring Community to the forfront of the future of living & working,

  • a passion for connections and helping each other out,

  •  a great sense of humour.* 

Originally from all over the world, currently all over the world. This is us.



* or so we like to think.


Hazique Memon 
Business Development 

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Haz is the cofounder at Swiss Escape, the first coliving space in Switzerland, and has worked with leading organizations in the travel industry across the globe.

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Elana Shyong
Event Manager

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Elana is a Taiwanese-American that has grown up all around the world and has a background in theatre and education. She enjoys taking on projects that align with her passion to cultivate connections wherever she goes.

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Morgane Oléron
Operations Manager

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Morgane is a passionate albeit slightly cynical writer who colives for a living! From coliver to Community Manager she has experienced all aspects of  the“Co-”, working or living.  She creates content for/ and supports coliving spaces around Europe. 


Andreea Rusu

Social Media Manager

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My passion for marketing and the coliving world brought me to the beautiful community of Coliving Hub. I love travelling and baking, and my superpower is facilitating - connecting people with ideas and opportunities.

Angie Puteri

Content Creator

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Hello my name is Angie, I am an architect and a potter in the making! ;) 
I am currently based in Bali running my design studio, I am big on everything co-creation and sustainable design.


Larissa Probst

Communications Manager

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Larissa enjoys traveling & is energized by diversity and different languages. When she is not spending time in nature, you can find her reading, dancing salsa or working on projects that mean something to her.


Martina Caccavale

Project Lead

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Martina, with a background in Engineering, has been a digital nomad for a while and is fascinated by the concept of co-living.
Her motto is: walking through as many doors as possible, learning a new something, seeing a new somewhere, and meeting a new someone

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Elizabeth Baudler

Project Lead

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Elizabeth has a hard time sitting still. Her motto is never stop learning, doing, trying. She has discovered a career in workplace strategy, focusing on the circular economy and change management. She is excited to open her own coliving in St. Louis, MO.

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