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Coliving Gathering

Meet Coliving founders from around the world

April 18-21, 2024
Gran Canaria, Spain
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The Gathering

Three days of connections

We spend our time connecting people through our spaces and facilitated events. But our roles as coliving founders can sometimes feel quite lonely.
It is something we have encounter time and time again, personally or after talking coliving owners and managers, seasoned and new comers.


There is a need for an event that is designed for us, those who hold space for others. An event where we can make connections, develop synergies and simply know that we are not alone in this.


We are excited to announce that this is exactly what we have planned: the first coliving gathering of coliving professionals filled with workshops, masterminds, trips and those "over dinner" conversations that can make all the difference.

Where we stay

There is no better way to connect, than to colive ourselves (practice what we preach). The event will be hosted by our long-term friends from Gran Canaria - Repeople.

The El Cabo Coliving is located in the coastal town of Agaete, meters away from the sea, restaurants and beautiful hikes. We have only got 30 rooms (all with ensuite bathroom) and due to high demand - we will work on first come first serve basis.


A one-of-kind meetup of

Coliving operators

What to expect

One giant (but cozy) gathering of all the people you have heard of but never met or had the opportunity to sit with for a chat.

The program is all about bringing people together and opening doors for collaboration.


Let's make this the first (of many) gatherings of coliving founders where we truly get to know the faces behind the coliving spaces, what keeps them up at night and how they see the future of Coliving.


Build deeper connections with other coliving founders and forge collaborations.


We will host a Coliving Mastermind where we dive into the challenges we face.


3 nights accommodation with shared or private bathrooms in the Agaete.


Exploring the region together through hikes, food tasting and lots of culture.


Build a meaningful network of operators

Get the details

The first day is always about getting to know each other so we will be hosting ice-breaker games, a trip to explore the island and of course, food, lots of it.

Our second day will begin with understanding each coliving operators' challenges and we will end with our very own Coliving Mastermind.


The final day will be all about building synergies, ways we can collaborate and be a strong community driven industry.

Our prices start at €450 but all members receive an additional 10% discount.

"Where does the money go?" is always a fair question, and we are happy to be totally transparent here. Coliving Hub is a non-profit organization, hence it will not make any profit on this event. The pricing is based on cost of accommodation and excursions and to fly-in the Coliving Hub team. All team members of Coliving Hub will volunteer their time during the event.

  • Coliving Gathering
    Coliving Gathering
    Membership Offer
    Thu, Apr 18
    El Cabo Coliving
    Apr 18, 2024, 5:00 PM – Apr 21, 2024, 11:00 AM
    El Cabo Coliving, C. Antón Cerezo, 14, 35489 Puerto de las Nieves, Las Palmas, Spain
    Largest get together of Nomad Coliving operators.

The Facilitators

The retreat will be hosted by Coliving Hub team.

Our founder is Haz Memon. He has pioneered coliving since it's inception. He runs coliving spaces in Switzerland and Greece under the brand ESCAPE.

Elana is our activity guru, leading exercises during our retreat to get us talking and connecting. We will use the castle grounds for the team building exercises.

Morgane is our community expert, sharing her experiences from living and working with various coliving communities to now running her own in Selgars, UK. 

Andreea is our social media expert while ticking off all the coliving spaces one by one - (she has also been a community manager at many of them).

Elizabeth is a change management expert currently leading the Coliving Hub certification.


“Much gratitude to each of you for sharing your expertise in the best way possible with great patience and attention to detail."


  • How will I get to El Cabo Coliving?
    This is the location of El Cabo Coliving where we will be staying. FROM LAS PALMAS AIRPORT (LPA) 🚊By bus for 10 Euros per person. This would be a journey of aprox 2 hours going from Airport to Las Palmas town, then Las Palmas town to Agaete. 🚗 There are several affordable car rental from the airport. Check this site to get the best offers. (Join our chat - to share rides!) 🚕 You can get a taxi/transfer from airport directly for 75 Euros. CLOSEST AIRPORTS🛬: LPA (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport) Drive to location ~45 minutes
  • What about the bathrooms?
    All rooms have ensuite bathroom, so if you have booked a shared room - you will share your bathroom with one other person. If you have booked a private room, then you have a private bathroom for yourself.
  • What is not included in the price?
    Transfer services Food & Drinks Any other cost not mentioned in "what's included"
  • Do I need to pay extra for accommodation?
    No, your accommodation for three nights from 18-21 April, 2024, is included in the price. You can choose between private or shared bathroom.
  • What should I bring in my luggage?
    Definitely your laptop! And warm clothes, but nothing formal. April in Agaete is spring or summer weather. So bring summer clothes and bathing suites etc. BUT at night it can get a bit cooler so pack a sweater and jacket as it would also be useful for our planned hikes.
  • Can I stay a few extra days?
    Of course you can! If you’d like to come earlier or stay longer, you can contact the El Cabo Coliving team directly. They’ll be managing your booking.
  • Can I get a refund if I can’t attend anymore?
    Unfortunately not. Your booking is final.
  • And the food?
    El Cabo is located steps away from restaurant, bakeries and shops so everyone is free to grab their own meals. We will reserve dinner tables for the group for each night, and the rest is self-organized.

Who is joining?

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