Coliving Hub


Who is it for?

Coliving Hub is for coliving house operators. We are all self-made and built our spaces from the bottom up, we have shared our methods and successes with each other and are ready to help you do the same whether you are just starting out or in the same position and want to join in.

"Connect with the coliving experts of today."

Why Join?

Industry experts

We have all benefited from connecting with other coliving house owners; be it sharing knowledge,  resources or discussing challenges in the industry.

Monthly calls

Coliving Hub hosts monthly webinars that tackle different areas managers have to deal with, like community management and investor opportunities.

Global conference

Coliving Hub organizes an annual conference that acts as a forum for all players in the industry to display their expertise and network with other coliving house operators.

Current Members

Our members are all over the globe
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...and many more

Our six core beliefs


Coliving community lies at the center of what we do. We aim to nurture and enhance the movement.


Each of our spaces are unique and we promise to make you feel at home wherever you are.


Our network brings experts, individuals and businesses together in one place.


We are dreamers just like you. The experiences at each coliving space in our network brings a new adventure.


We believe knowledge is power but it is also meant to be shared. We are enabling everyone to have access to the coliving world.


Each coliving space has its method to give back whether it’s joint beach cleanups or water saving training.


"Coliving Hub strives to enable and empower people around the world to create and use co-living spaces."

Our Story

Coliving Hub is composed of already successful independent coliving houses, we share our knowledge and work together to evolve in this new vibrant market. We are all passionate about the evolution of Coliving and have searched for like-minded partners.

Coliving in all its various forms is the answer to many of the world's problems and coupled with the fast-expanding network of Digital Nomads, remote workers and new ways of living, we have created this Hub to fast-track the evolution of our action plan.

During a meeting at a coliving space in Serbia, we decided to establish Coliving Hub for the benefit of promoting, facilitating, educating and providing the means to develop this industry worldwide, and you are invited to join in as this is not a closed club.

Combined we have the power and the strength to change the world.


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