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Why this focus?

Who is it for?

For you who is offering safe havens to digital nomads all over the world as well as those focusing on niche concepts (in rural areas, for cooks or family, in historical buildings, ...)

For you who are running your space on your own or with a small team, facing day to day challenges of a business all the while working hard to create a true sense of community for your residents. 


After four years of hosting of and online events, global conferences and meet ups for the coliving industry, we have learnt that our most engaged community members, are the founders involved in the day to day running of a space, with a very hands on approach, just like we are, here at Coliving Hub. The core of our expertise lies in running spaces for Digital Nomads. 

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Welcome to our shared virtual Home.

We are a global association of Digital Nomad coliving operators with a genuine passion for helping our residents thrive through the power of community living.

We have all built our spaces from the bottom up and this is where we meet, online and sometimes offline too, to connect, relate, share our challenges and tips and celebrate successes with each other!

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"As operators we nurture connections between our residents everyday.

At Coliving hub we foster connections between us, operators "

Why Join?
Glad you asked. 

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We all learn a lot working on our spaces. At coliving Hub we make sure that knowledge does not get lost but is shared!
Through monthly webinars with experts, blog interviews of fellow operators, yearly global conferences and our very own knowledge kits. 


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One of the most wonderful aspect of experiencing coliving is how much it encourages people to support each other and ask for help. 
At Coliving Hub we make sure this is the place we, operators can find the support your residents find at Home. 

Coliving Hub 

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We believe the connections that truly last are the ones born out of sharing personal experiences and supporting each other. We strive to facilitate events that are safe spaces to open and up and create genuine interactions for lasting connections.

Current Members

Our members are all over the globe
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...and many more
Our members
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Our six core beliefs


Coliving community lies at the center of what we do. We aim to nurture and enhance the movement.


Our goal is to create a space where we all feel safe and comfortable enough to be both learners and teachers, takers and givers .


Our network brings experts, individuals and businesses together in one place.


We are dreamers just like you. The experiences at each coliving space in our network brings a new adventure.


We believe knowledge is power that is meant to be shared.

it is also way more fun to learn together than by yourself!


We believe you get back what you give and we encourage all our members to embrace that philosophy.
In doubt, Give. 

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"Coliving Hub strives to bring together coliving operators who share the same passion for what they do and who they do it for"

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Care to join us?

Running a space can sometimes feel a lot like climbing a mountain.
We like to think about our community as the rope. 

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The safe space you can lean back on to regroup and gather the strengh to get higher... and the friends with whom you celebrate at the top!

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