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Call for hosting the Global Coliving Conference 2020

Application Ended

Deadline for proposals: 29 July 2019

Global Coliving Conference is an annual event of the Coliving Hub Association.


The Global Coliving Conference is an annual event that offers a worldwide and unique forum for attendees from operators, industry leaders, investors, and other organizations to actively exchange and share best practices in the coliving industry.

Coliving Hub is looking for a partner who is responsible to organize and host the annual Conference in 2020.

DATES: The conference takes place at the end of April, beginning of May 2020. It is held for two days.

LOCATION: Conference Center or Coliving space with conference facilities.

ATTENDEES: About 50-100 attendees: coliving operators, investors, and corporate partners.


Coliving Hub responsibilities

  • Selects a Host organization and location

  • Monitors all preparation steps

  • Creates the program and selects speakers

  • Invites and briefs speakers

  • Promotes the conference on a global scale

  • Communicates the event via all its communication channels

  • Provides administrative team

  • Maintains the website and all social media to promote the event

  • Writes and distribute press releases

    • Announce the selected destination

    • Present the event and call for speakers

    • Announce the event for industry participants

    • Present the results of the event

  • Manages online registration of attendees and provides an attendees list

  • Covers all costs associated with logistics, catering and evening events


Host Organization responsibilities

  • Designates a project manager that will act as the contact person for the organizing team

  • Sponsors or helps finding a sponsor for a large conference room for about 100 attendees with other smaller rooms. All rooms must be fully equipped with audio, video projection, and high-speed internet connection

  • If required, organizes site inspection with one or two members of Coliving Hub

  • Books the conference venue

  • Ensures that venue and audio-visual equipment is functional

  • Provides good quality free Wi-Fi to the attendees

  • Shares content about the venue

  • Invites local press during the event

  • Helps Coliving Hub increase awareness and memberships at the host destination

  • Manages registration desk at the conference

  • Prepares attendees badges

  • Helps organize two evenings social networking events (at local bars or restaurants)

  • Helps organize one speakers’ dinner the evening before the conference

  • Liaises with a trusted catering service to provide lunches and coffee breaks

  • As much as possible, limit plastic waste (cutlery, cups, etc.)

  • Ensures that water distributors are available to limit plastic waste

  • Helps with finding local volunteers

  • Helps with finding local professionals (videographer, photographer, etc.)

  • Helps with ordering and printing signage, and any other marketing material needed (press wall, rollup, etc.)

  • Accommodation: Establishes partnerships with local coliving spaces or hotels close to the venue

These requirements are flexible in some areas.

If you have any question before applying, email us at (Subject line: Hosting Annual Conference 2020)

Application Ended
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