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Online Coliving Conference

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The Conference

Two days of powerful discussions

If 2020 could not stop us,  2021 will for sure be the year of our 3rd global conference!

Whether you are just starting out or looking to grow, a coliving enthusiasts or a seasoned operator, we specialize in organizing one of kind events to help each other succeed in this burgeoning industry. After the success of our online conference this September (read more about it below) we are already looking ahead and thinking about how to create great content and networking opportunities for all. If you are curious about this year's event, know that as a member you have access to all the recordings of the keynotes and sessions! You also have early bird access and prices for all our events and workshops (in addition to many other perks). If you rather wait, make at least sure you are in the loop and enver miss any of our events by registering to our newsletter. 



2 years ago we gathered la crème de la crème of the coliving industry in Spain for our first global coliving conference. We learnt tons and had great fun connecting with other coliving passionates! We knew we wanted to make it a recurring event.

In 2020, the world health situation had us put our thinking hats on and we decided to turn this challenge into a wonderful opportunity! In lieu of a classic conference we created  an experience at a global scale with experts and attendees from all over the globe, and all of that at your fingertips!


This has been be a unique opportunity to take a deep dive into the subject of coliving. We covered a wide range of topics from architecture & design to resident well being, marketing and of course dived into what a world post pandemic means in terms of learning, challenges and opportunities for the industry. 

Operators with locations all around the world attended with one goal in mind: share their methods and successes with each other through two whole days of listening and learning, interacting, asking questions, sharing ideas and the occasional good laugh with other participants and speakers. 


The Coliving Hub conference took place the 5th and 6th of September 2020. 

Our last conference

Where great minds reunite.

Lectures. Networking. Workshops. Meaningful connections

Why Join

A two day event during which the coliving industry comes together

The conference is  a golden occasion to deepen knowledge and relationships within the fast evolving industry of Coliving.

Not only are our speakers specifically

trained to engage with the audience, you will definitely be more than an observer taking an active part through one on ones, break out sessions  and more…

It is not because we are online that we have to cut out all the fun!
Sharing live stories and laughter as great trust builders,  and we are making sure to include some of that too, to make this experience memorable in every way.

All members can watch the recordings from our past conferences

Past speakers

Inspirational speakers from across the globe
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Perks of Online Conference?

  1. Join from anywhere

  2. Semi casual dress code

  3. Comfortable seating

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