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Elevate Your Space at the Coliving Awards 2024

Are you looking for an opportunity to amplify your coliving brand, get recognition, and grow within the industry?  

The Coliving Awards 2024, backed by Coliving Ventures (a Coliving Hub partner), is your opportunity to showcase your vision, innovation, impact, and dedication to shared living. It is your chance to shine alongside the industry's best and brightest.

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But first, what is Coliving Ventures?

Coliving Ventures is the world's first company dedicated to accelerating the growth and consolidation of coliving. As a leading platform and venture developer, Coliving Ventures stands at the forefront of the industry, driving innovation through strategic partnerships and collaborative initiatives. With over 10 initiatives and 4 major ventures, their portfolio includes pioneering research, prestigious award ceremonies, and cutting-edge platforms that shape the future of shared living.

Key Ventures by Coliving Ventures:

  • Coliving Insights (2019): A research hub and media platform.

  • Coliving Awards (2021): The first awards ceremony dedicated to the coliving industry.

  • Coliving Conference (2023): The premier conference accelerating the future of shared living.

  • Portio (2023): A fintech initiative powering coliving.


Applications are still open, but only until July 8th, 2024. Secure your spot at the ceremony in Amsterdam on September 25th, 2024, and let the world discover your exceptional coliving space.

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What are the Coliving Awards?

The Coliving Awards aren't just another industry event. They are the first and only award ceremony dedicated entirely to recognizing and celebrating the pioneers, innovators, and game-changers who are shaping the future of coliving. By highlighting excellence in design, operation, community building, and sustainability, the Coliving Awards are setting new standards for the industry and inspiring the next generation of coliving leaders.


Why Should Coliving Founders Apply?

The Coliving Awards aren't just a ceremony; they're an opportunity to propel your coliving space to new heights:

  • Amplify Your Brand: Gain unparalleled exposure among industry leaders, investors, and potential residents.

  • Build Trust: Winning (or even being nominated) demonstrates your commitment to excellence and innovation.

  • Attract Investment: Showcase your coliving space's unique value proposition to a captivated audience of potential investors.

  • Network & Learn: Connect with the brightest minds in coliving, forging partnerships, and gaining insights to drive your business forward.

  • Get inspired: Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge of coliving and discover new ideas to elevate your own space through inspiring examples and success stories.

  • Celebrate Your Success: Be recognized as a leader in an industry that's redefining the way we live and connect.

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Award Categories & Expert Judging

The Coliving Awards cover a wide range of categories, ensuring all aspects of excellence are celebrated:

  • Building & Architecture

  • Interior & Furniture Design

  • Branding & Marketing

  • User & Community Experience

  • Impact & Sustainability

  • PropTech

  • ConTech

  • Marketplace & Aggregator

  • Student Coliving

  • Nomad Coliving – judged by our very own Hazique Memon!

  • Rural Coliving

  • Senior Coliving

  • Blended Living

  • Coliving Operator of the Year (SMB)

  • Coliving Operator of the Year (Scale Up)

  • Coliving Developer of the Year (SMB)

  • Coliving Investment of the Year (SMB)

  • Emerging Coliving Concept

  • Academia (Students & PhDs)


Your Voice Matters: The Voting Process

The winners are determined through a dynamic blend of expert evaluation, industry jury votes, and a public vote via LinkedIn. This means every nominee has the power to rally their community – residents, investors, friends, and family – to show their support and potentially sway the outcome!

announcing the judge for a coliving award category


Apply Now & Invest in Your Future

Apply now and invest in your brand. Your contribution not only supports this incredible event but also helps to build a stronger, more vibrant coliving industry. Whether you win or not, nomination and participation open doors to invaluable networking and collaboration opportunities.

Remember, Coliving Hub members receive a special discount on award ceremony tickets. Contact us today for your exclusive code and step onto the stage where the future of coliving is taking shape!


Ready to join the celebration of coliving innovation?

Apply for the Coliving Awards 2024 and join us in Amsterdam to celebrate the future of shared living – we hope to see you accepting an award!


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