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Coliving Hub and Coliving Ventures Forge Industry Partnership to Drive Co-Living Innovation


Coliving Hub is thrilled to announce a strategic industry partnership with Coliving Ventures, the world's first venture dedicated to accelerating the growth and consolidation of co-living. This collaboration represents a shared commitment to fostering innovation, strengthening our respective positions in the market, and ultimately enhancing the quality of life for co-living residents and stakeholders alike.


‘This partnership allows us to integrate destination coliving operators into the wider industry, so we are very excited about all the opportunities that will come out of this.’ Hazique Memon, Coliving Hub.

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Benefits of the partnership for you

Coliving Hub and Coliving Ventures understand that the shared living sector holds vast potential for a diverse range of stakeholders. Whether you're a community manager, a co-living founder, an aspiring entrepreneur, an investor, a spatial architect, or a sustainability advocate, this collaboration offers a wealth of opportunities tailored to your unique role through:

Driving Innovation: The partnership fosters a collaborative environment where members can share their experiences, expertise, and passion to develop innovative solutions for the co-living sector. This can lead to the creation of new products, services, and operational models that better meet the needs of residents.

Expanding Reach: Thanks to leveraging their growing combined networks, they can cross-promote brands and reach a wider audience within the co-living, shared living, hospitality, and real estate sectors, which attracts new residents and forges valuable partnerships.

Amplifying Impact: By working together on strategic initiatives, this powerful alliance will strengthen the overall co-living ecosystem and raise awareness of its benefits through strategic initiatives, advocacy, and education. This can raise awareness of the benefits of coliving, attract investment, and influence policy, ultimately leading to a more robust and sustainable industry.

Championing Destination Co-living: The partnership focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities of destination coliving (nomad and rural), providing members with valuable insights and resources to develop successful projects in this growing segment. This includes access to research, case studies, and expert advice.

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Additional Benefits for Investors, Developers, and Designers

Both Co-living Hub and Coliving Ventures recognize the immense potential of the shared living sector. This collaboration offers a wealth of tailored benefits to benefit multiple stakeholders:


Investors: Gain access to a curated deal flow of promising co-living projects, insights into market trends, and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Developers: Benefit from expert guidance on project development, financing, and operational strategies, as well as access to a network of potential partners and suppliers.

Designers: Participate in discussions on innovative design solutions for co-living spaces, share ideas with fellow professionals, and gain exposure to new trends and technologies.


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But wait, there’s even more…

Yes, you not only get support to develop and improve the value proposition of your co-living space, but you also unlock special discounts to exclusive events organized by Coliving Ventures and Coliving Hub. These events offer unique access to high-level discussions that drive the growth of destination co-living, sharing valuable insights and expertise.

One such event is the highly anticipated Coliving Awards Ceremony 2024, taking place on 25/26 September in Amsterdam. This is a can't-miss event dedicated to highlighting key innovators, actors, and ideas that are shaping the co-living industry. It's a rare opportunity to network and mingle with fellow community operators and builders, organized by Coliving Ventures, with Hazique Memon of Coliving Hub serving as a judge for the ‘Nomad Coliving’ category.

Didn’t we say we are serious about this partnership and as you can see, we act fast :)

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Get Involved!

Become a Co-living Hub Member: If you're passionate about co-living, consider joining the Coliving Hub community. You'll gain access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and exclusive events.

Learn More About Co-living Ventures: Explore Coliving Ventures' innovative approach to accelerating the co-living industry.

Meet us at The Coliving Awards Ceremony, on 25th September 2024 in Amsterdam and let’s have a chat about your co-living dreams.

Stay Connected: Follow Co-living Hub and Co-living Ventures on social media for updates on our partnership, industry insights, and upcoming events.

Share Your Thoughts: We'd love to hear your thoughts on this collaboration and the future of co-living. Join the conversation in the comments below!


Let's create a future where shared living thrives and enriches the lives of individuals and communities around the world.



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