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Updated: May 18

How we decided to refocus on what matters

WHY Four years of hosting off and online events, global conferences and meet ups for the coliving industry, and two years of pandemic, have taught us a lot. We have learnt that our most engaged community members, the ones the most likely to benefit from our services, are the founders involved in the day to day running of a space, with a very hands on approach, running spaces for Digital Nomads. Which is great because it is exactly where our expertise and passion meet at Coliving Hub.

WHO IS THE NEW COLIVING HUB FOR That is why we have decided to refocus on operators offering safe havens to digital nomads all over the world as well as those focusing on niche concepts (in rural areas, for cooks or family, in historical buildings, ...) - The new ColivingHub will work mostly with operators who are running their space on their own or with a small team, facing day to day challenges of a business all the while working hard to create a true sense of community for their residents. Our passion for coliving has not faded. On the contrary, we we wish to focus even more on what we do best: use our experience and network to help others. To do that we have we have realigned our core values with our new-not so new team. What is most important to use is to be supportive and empower old and new operators of spaces for digital nomads to thrive and grow. And we want to have fun along the way! CONCRETELY WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? The new and improved Coliving Hub will be:

  1. Personalized - we want to get to know each and every member, one-on-one, at an event or in a group. We will aim to add regular physical meetups as well as events such as founders retreats in addition to our yearly conference. We will remove our knowledge base and work on more specific offering that we have identified as most needed such as thematic coliving kits and Community Manager Club.

  2. Customized - You will be the curator of our offer. Tell us what you are looking for from this community of operators, and we will take your ideas, throw it into a blender with the Coliving Hub magic potion and come up with something delicious!

  3. Hands-on - We want to help our members with actionable steps that can grow their coliving space today, and not in the next 5 years. We aim to create guidebooks, courses, visits to operating coliving spaces and much more. We will still be running monthly webinars and Coliving Connections as we know our members value knowledge sharing. We will focus on speakers and topics that are more praticals and really relevant for smaller operators for Digital Nomads.

  4. Community centric - The power lies within you and the people you surround yourself with. We want to create an easy to use platform that every member can interact with one another hassle-free. If you are popping into a town of another operator, you would be able to find and ping a Coliving Hub member to meet up for a drink or visit their space.

This is just the beginning of everything there is to come! If you have any thoughts or questions about any of this, or you just want to say hi, never hesitate to reach out to us. love & colive, Adeline, Elana, Haz and Morgane

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